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Frisco, Texas Dog’s Hair Cut or Trimmed Service

Safety first for dog hair grooming

Primped Pooches Mobile Dog Spa keep your dog complete stylish with your dog hair cut Frisco. Whether your dog is looking for a simple haircut, or some showroom styles, our highly trained staff is carefully handle your pup to provide them with a safe and enjoyable experience.

Visit Primped Pooches Mobile Dog Spa for regular grooming needs including baths, haircuts, nails, and glands.

Dog haircuts & hand-stripping services

Primped Pooches Mobile Dog Spa offers the best dog haircuts to pet owners in Frisco and surrounding neighborhoods. Whether you want a breed standard cut, hand stripping, an easy-care comfort cut, or the latest Fusion style, our professional stylist can deal with all styles.

Regular hair cutting

Having your dog groomed regularly is essential for keeping your pet healthy and looking great. We are able to address the needs of all breeds, coats, and skin types. And the comfort and safety of our canine clients is always a top priority.

Hand stripping hair cut services

Primped Pooches Mobile Dog Spa offers the best hand stripping hair cutting for your pet. Hand stripping removes the dead hair off of the top coat. By removing the dead hair, new hair will grow that preserves the crisp texture and the natural color shading of the particular breed. Your terrier will look according to the traditional standard of that particular breed. Let us help you get this done with our effective hand stripping service.

Hair cutting packages we offer:

  • Basic Dog Bath Package
  • Bath, cleaning and removing excess hair from ear canals
  • Full Service Dog hair cutting Package
  • Bath, cleaning and removing excess hair from ear canals, and nail trim and grinding
  • Brushing of coat, expressing anal glands
  • Style cut, cologne finishing spray

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How much does it cost to get a haircut for a dog?
Pet dog brushing expenses Pet groomers typically charge extra for additional solutions such as teeth cleansing, flea therapies and nail clipping. On average, expect to pay in between $30 and $90 for typical pet grooming, relying on the dimension of your animal as well as its amount of fur.

Do dogs need haircuts?
"Long hair on pet dogs requires to be cut consistently because without regular hairstyles, the pet dog will be lugging around lots of matted layer, resulting in anguish for the pet dog along with the proprietor. ... Greater than any type of various other breeds, pets with long and also curly hair requirement regular professional pet grooming, especially in the winter.

When can puppies get a haircut?
Prior To the First Haircut: It is vital to make certain that a pup's first haircut is pleasurable and worry-free. Groomers suggest introducing young puppies to expert grooming when they are around four months old. However, it is never ever prematurely to begin preparing your young puppy in your home.

Should I cut my dog's hair?
Rather than reducing your canine's hair, deal with it Therefore, slightly trimming knotted areas might be appropriate for your dog. After a light trim, you need to extensively brush your pet dog's hair. If your dog's fur is very knotted, you should see a professional dog groomer.

Can I cut dog's hair with human Clippers?
The blades used for human clippers are absolutely various from those made use of for dog clippers. ... Pet grooming clippers usually come with No. 10 blade dimension. They leave hair 1/16 inches from the pet dog's body. This must be the excellent blade dimension you ought to search for, and it's entirely different compared to human clippers.

What is a puppy cut?
Criterion Pup Cut For a puppy cut, your groomer cuts your little buddy's hair the very same length around. The hair is generally clipped to 2 inches or much less, making cleaning as well as upkeep between trims a snap. Groomers may additionally call this a "kennel cut.