Complete Assessment and Style Consultation with One of Our Expert Groomers

Mobile Dog Spas recommend frequent visits for puppies due to the need for multiple vaccine boosters and their maturing immune system, followed by monthly, quarterly and annual examination for adult animals and for aging pets. Mobile Dog Spas offers comprehensive nose-to-tail examination in that includes a thorough examination of your pet’s hair, skin, Mouth, Eyes, Ears, Body, Feet, Tail, ears, nose & face, breathing patterns, response to stimuli and more.


Your Dog Bathed and Conditioned With a Premium Shampoo of Your Choice Frisco, TX

Mobile Dog Spas Includes: Cleansing shampoo, conditioning treatment, haircut with all detailing like shape, shaving, scissoring, fluff dry and also nail clipping, ear cleaning, eye cleaning, anal gland expression, cologne, and a bandana. Our Style Bar has experienced bathers that have perfected the art of the full-service bath to get even the smelliest dog looking like a top dog. A clean dog is a happy dog! We offer bath services to suit every need and to accommodate every budget.

Your Dog’s Teeth Brushed — Breath Spray Included! Frisco, TX

Brushing teeth of your dog is an important part of your daily routine. When it comes to your dog's teeth, however, you might not be so diligent. In fact, you may not even recognize that brushing your pet's teeth is a requirement whatsoever. Any kind of responsible veterinarian will inform you that you should be cleaning your canine's teeth daily or, at least, when a week. The fact is that oral health is equally as vital for your pet as it is for you. In addition to triggering halitosis, gum tissue disease in dogs can trigger staining to the teeth as well as inflammation in the periodontal. If the disease is allowed to advance, bacteria can spread under the gum line and create damage to the underlying bone. It can also leak into the bloodstream and cause an infection.

Your Dog’s Nails Clipped, Trimmed or Ground (if pet allows) Frisco, TX

Sometime pet owners afraid of quacking the dog and it is the most common reasons for avoiding nail trims of your dog, or that the dog fusses and creates bad feelings around the procedure. Nail cutting becomes an event surrounded by torment and trouble. For very energetic dogs that run all day long on diverse surface areas, cutting nails may not be required. High mileage wears them down naturally. However among city or country pet dogs that are lucky to obtain a mile or 2 strolls daily, exceedingly lengthy nails are a lot more common than not.

Your Dog’s Hair Cut or Trimmed Frisco, TX

There are many possibilities in pet grooming, such as whether your pet has long or short hair and also if the hair is matted and tangled. Mobile Dog Spa offer best dog hair cut and trimming from our professional stylists. There is no set pricing for fine grooming. Our groomers set individual prices for each pet, largely based on the time required to complete the chosen service. We are more than happy to provide you a range of dog hair cutting and designs over the phone, and confirm the price again upon arrival for your appointment.


A Deep Conditioning Treatment Frisco, TX

Our luxury cleaning shampoo and conditioning application of Deep Restorative Conditioner is one of the best services in area. Hydration is one of the most important elements in a healthy, controlled and shiny coat. Mobile Dog Spa offer personalized Restorative Deep Conditioning treatment to restores and enhances your pet's hair health and natural glow. A coat dressing infused with a complex of triple natural lanolin to strengthen and repair fine, limp coats, leaving them thicker and healthier looking hair and skin.

External Anal Gland Expression Frisco, TX

One of the most common issues our stylists face at Mobile Dog Spas has to deal with anal glands. Anal sacs glands are two small glands just inside your pet's anus. The material secreted into these glands is thick and smells foul. Most animals can empty these glands voluntarily for scent marking or in self-defense like a skunk might do. Most of the domestic pets have largely lost their ability to empty these sacs voluntarily. We offer best cleaning and expression services for your pet`s anal gland.

Blow Dry Frisco, TX

Professionally hand bathed in high quality salon shampoos and conditioners, external gland expression, by hand blow dry, nails trimmed and filed, ears cleaned and plucked, a reasonable brush and comb out, teeth brushing, bows, and perfuming. Mobile Dog Spas offers best bath with most advanced level shampoos then blow dry your pet with best drying machines and dryers with zero harms.

Brush out Frisco, TX

Mobile Dog Spas brings your dog along to enjoy a full washing service where your dog will enjoy every moment of their experience with our profession stylists. We offer your pet with best brush out with cleansing teeth along with warm bath with quality shampoo, specific to coat & skin type, blow dry, Brush Out, nail trimming and ear cleaning. When you pick up your dog, you will notice how relaxed they are, how amazing they feel and an aroma that will please for days after you take your dog home.

Your Dog’s Ears Cleaned Frisco, TX

Ear cleaning is a very important part of your dog’s grooming needs. Some dogs need more frequent ear cleaning than others according to their breed and cast. Dogs who are prone to ear infections often benefit from more frequent ear cleanings. The structure of the dog’s ear canal makes it very difficult for material trapped deep within the horizontal canal to be expelled without the assistance of cleanings. At Mobile Dog Spas has best team of stylists who can treat your dog`s ear cleaning in best.

Complete With Pooch Aromatherapy Frisco, TX

Mobile Dog Spas rinses contain pure Essential Oils and Vitamin E to provide your pooch with a beautiful, pleasant fresh aroma and add luster and conditioner to your pet’s coat. These rinses are specially designed to be added to our other range of solutions. Let your dog experience the benefits of our unique aromatherapy range.


Amazing Doggy Cologne Frisco, TX

At the end of grooming of every dog, Mobile Dog Spas professional stylist team cologne your dog deeply which make comfort to you as well as your dog.  Selection of designer doggy perfume for you to spritz for free before you leave. If you want to take one home, we sell all of the fragrances!